Dec 02 2016

NBA 2016-2017: START

The 2016-2017 NBA season is one month in. It’s doubtful that we know these teams that well, but we know enough to turn the page on last season.

Dec 01 2016

NFL 2016 Week 13 Gameplan

December is here. Time for Cowboys to drop a game or two?

Nov 24 2016

NFL 2016 Thanksgiving Gameplan

Every team playing on Thanksgiving won last week – that’s only the third time that has happened in the last 20 years!

Nov 18 2016

NFL 2016 Week 11 Gameplan

After finally going under .500 for a week, the Gameplan looks for a bounce back week with the NFL going to Mexico.

Nov 10 2016

NFL 2016 Week 10 Gameplan

The 2nd half of the NFL season gets underway, highlighted by a rematch of Super Bowl XLIX.

Nov 10 2016

The 2016 NFL Hypothesis Report: Revisited

It’s the NFL midseason, and so I get to fall back and reassess some positions taken in The 2016 NFL Hypothesis Report. For those wondering how I’m doing on game picks so far, I’m +37 after nine weeks.

Nov 03 2016

NFL 2016 Week 9 Gameplan

The Broncos and Raiders are playing for a chance to match the Patriots at 7 wins in the AFC as the 2016 NFL season approaches the midpoint.

Oct 27 2016

NFL 2016 Week 8 Gameplan

Buffalo’s Week 7 loss denied them a chance to take the division lead from New England, but they can still sweep the Patriots for the first time since Y2K.

Oct 27 2016

The 2016-2017 NBA Lightweight Report

The NBA Lightweight Report returns to #TheNU for a 6th season!

Oct 20 2016

NFL 2016 Week 7 Gameplan

Just when Tom Brady comes back, Ben Roethlisberger goes out. The Steelers won in New England in 2008 when the Patriots started Matt Cassel at QB, but now Pittsburgh has to start QB Landry Jones against Brady’s team at Heinz Field this week.

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