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Sep 28 2017

Live at #TheDrew: 2017 Championship Behind the Scenes

The 2017 Drew League season culminated with the championship, played on August 13 between Birdie’s Revenge and Hometown Favorites. Here is a full behind the scenes look from The Networks United.

Apr 01 2017

ESPN and Full Circles

An important, overdue update for the site.

May 31 2016

ClipperBlog: Playoff Purgatory

The Los Angeles Clippers have made the playoffs five years in a row. Each year, they fell short of the Conference Finals. They are in postseason purgatory. ClipperBlog featured the Clippers and the other 17 teams to make at least five consecutive postseason appearances without reaching the Conference Finals during the streak.

Feb 21 2016

2015-2016 NBA Playlist

My playlist of NBA broadcasts from 2015-2016 is now on #TheNU

Dec 17 2014

NFL 2014 Week 15 Observations (There are Other Players Besides QBs)

It’s a quarterback-driven league, and it’s driving insanity.

Apr 13 2014

The Cheat Codes

The NBA and NFL codes.

Feb 24 2014

Escape from the Winter Olympics: Russia Rear View

The 2014 Olympic Winter Games are now closed … all that’s left is to get back home from Russia and properly place the time capsule on Sochi!

Feb 10 2014

Game on in Sochi

My first week in Russia has been a blast.

Jun 06 2013

2013 NBA Finals: Heat vs. Spurs (The 1SKILLZ Gameplan)

I’m sure you all have enjoyed the NBA Playoffs this year, as I said you would after glossing over this year’s Bandwagon Report. What’s that? Injuries ruined the playoffs?  Whatever. The defending champion Miami Heat won the Eastern Conference title, sweeping the 8th seed Milwaukee Bucks (a sub-.500 who were healthier than the 76ers and …

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Dec 23 2012

MADDSKILLZ Update (Best of December)

– (December 08) If every kiss begins with Kay, does that mean every kiss ends in “Why?”

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