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Some of my stories and experiences will be expressed here in depth.

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Summer 2015 at the Drew League

This page shows all of my work at the Drew League during the 2015 season. I wrote already about my playing experience here: How I Made My Drew League Debut On game days, I managed the twitter account and updated scores on At the end of the season, I made sense of the playoff …

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Purple Line Extension: Manual Trip Account

[View the story “Purple Line Extension: Manual Trip Account” on Storify]

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August 2015 Resume

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Spring 2013 at USC Annenberg

It has been a busy 2013 for me at the University of Southern California. In addition to my NBA and NFL analysis, I’ve kept a few weekly appearances going on Neon Tommy, ATVN Sports, and The Water Cooler: Neon Tommy I’ve added some deep articles this year analyzing some features on NBA teams while giving …

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Special Topics Spring 2014

This section will be devoted to some special topics in sports throughout the first few months of 2014. Basketball’s Formula Too Little, Too Late for Patriots … Again The Center Position Is Dead To NBA Fans … And Dwight Howard Killed It Seahawks Super Bowl Win Over Broncos Diversifies The Game Game on in Sochi …

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Summer 2014 at the Drew League

For my 2014 summer internship credit, I have the opportunity to cover the Drew League in Los Angeles. Sponsored by Nike, the Drew League is one of the best pro-am basketball leagues in the country, attracting talent from all around the world. I was brought on to write, and I found additional ways to contribute …

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