NU Disclaimers

Disclaimer ONE: This list can and will grow over time.

Disclaimer TWO: Disclaimer three is my favorite disclaimer, and just because I no longer write MADDSKILLZ Updates does not mean I will not have a place for it in the hall of fame of disclaimers.

Disclaimer THREE: NOTICE/CAUTION/WARNING/JUST READ OR SKIM OR WHATEVER: some of you have heard of the MADDSKILLZ Update. however, I feel like I need to explain it, just so I won’t have to in the future…after I spent July 03 in Spain on a home-stay program, it was suggested to me that I stay in touch with people somehow. Thus I came up with the MADDSKILLZ Update, which I send the first of every month (I’m a procrastinator so it is not uncommon for it to be sent late on the night of the first or later). It started as a way to keep in touch (and still is); it has since evolved into my speakerbox, if you will, of whatever. Inside jokes may show up every now and again. You might be confused about something. If this should occur, use your imagination and keep going. any questions, comments, encouraging remarks, hate mail, or anything else you want to me to see in reference to something in the update (or not) can be forwarded to

Disclaimer FOUR: I reserve the right to reference material from the MADDSKILLZ Update at all times.

Disclaimer FIVE: I was born in Philadelphia, PA and claim Philadelphia as my hometown.  I do not disown New Jersey, and I lived there for almost ten years, but it mainly serves to lessen my connection to Philadelphia.  In other words, I cannot tell you everything there is to know about Philadelphia.

Disclaimer SIX: I went to a Quaker school on Philadelphia’s main line called Friends’ Central School from 1998-2005, graduating to go on to California University of Pennsylvania from 2005-2009 before graduating from there with a degree in Communication Studies with a concentration in radio and television performance.  I only say this to emphasize the fact that I know where I came from.

Disclaimer SEVEN: I served as a City Year Greater Philadelphia corps member at Overbrook High School in 2009-2010; I served as a City Year Los Angeles senior corps member at Robert Louis Stevenson Middle School in 2010-2011.  “The contents of this website do not reflect in any way the positions of City Year or AmeriCorps.”  I DO own my experiences though.


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