Dec 21 2010

1SKILLZ Returns to BEAST Coast: December 23-30

I’m tired.  I’ve been playing around on this here website all night.  No worries, I got that Santa article up, I got a major assist that will allow me to bring you folks videos on site, I updated the page that is supposed to describe this website, and I even managed to drop some disclaimers for the people.

It has been a long time since I gave any kind of update, so despite my need for sleep (that’s the only time I write, when I’m freezing in Los Angeles and should be in bed) I am going to crank out what I can as far as an update.

Oh yeah, I’ll be in Philadelphia from Thursday night of the 23rd until the following Thursday afternoon.  What this means to me, you, or anyone else is open to debate in the comments box below (RE: I would appreciate people testing it out to see if it, you know, functions properly):

-I’ve let people from all backgrounds cut my hair since I’ve been to Los Angeles.  I even let a white lady cut my hair in a barbershop.  My hair has still not returned to its natural color yet, whatever that is.

-The word placebo should never be used around the lunch table.  If misheard, the results can be kind of nasty.

-I was inspired by a personal challenge of one of my best friends from this past year.  She wanted to read at least one book a month.  I adopted this challenge for myself and completed four books in the last four months.  Heck yes.  Oddly enough, they all seemed to have a connection with each other…

-I read Us vs. Them: Black Peoples’ Battle for Mentality in September by my seventh grade language arts teacher and basketball coach Keino Terrell.  The Brother Dwight found it.  I read it, then passed it on to my roommate Willie, who passed it on to his teammate.

-Then I read The Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future (Or, Don’t Trust Anyone Under 30) by Mark Bauerlein in October.  I had to read this after a particularly engaging conversation about the negative effects of technology and education and communication that I had over the summer.  Em suggested I read it and of course I decided I wanted to read it.

-In November, I read What is the What: The Autobiography of Valentino Achak Deng by Dave Eggers.  Too many folks I know mentioned this book, most notably My Favorite Viking over the summer.  I liked the method of storytelling, where Valentino would find any person/excuse in his present day life to tell his past stories too.  Although, I will say, spending late nights sleeping in the office trying to finish chapters was probably a bit too dedicated on my part.  I passed this off to Lindi, who along with Lorena hosted a sweet Thanksgiving potluck.

-Finally this month, I read Big Citizenship: How Pragmatic Idealism Can Bring Out the Best in America by Alan Khazei, one of the co-founders of City Year.  For awhile, it read like the Idealist’s Handbook every City Year member receives at the beginning of the year.

-I got to go see the Los Angeles Lakers destroy the Golden State Warriors one Sunday night, courtesy of City Year.  Missed the fourth quarter to help giveaway these Chick Hearn paperweights.  Similar to last year’s adventure to Lincoln Financial Field to see the first half of Eagles/Saints.  Creating “blowout zones” makes for great late game entertainment during these free merchandise giveaways.

-I have a Blackberry with CY, but what a wild adventure it has been.  I was supposed to get it in September.  I got it late, but the SIM wasn’t activated properly until early November.  Three weeks of having a sweet (but inconsistently functioning) phone, but then the SIM decided to deactivate for another four weeks!  No complaints now though since Friday, so far so good.

-I don’t like complaining about the media.  People control the media, not the other way around.

-To see Letty Gonzalez, my group leader in Spain in 2003, for the first time in seven years (even for just an hour) adds another reason to why 2010 was incredible… and why 2011 gives me something to look for.

-I never thought I would need heat in Los Angeles.  I also didn’t think that Tony! Toni! Toné! were lying when they said “It Never Rains in Southern California”.  Damn them.

-The Denver Broncos fired head coach Josh McDaniels.  The Cleveland Browns might fire head coach Eric Mangini at the end of the year.  The rule: Don’t make ex-New England Patriots’ staff head coaches!

-The Metrodome collapsing should be the end of exciting football in Minnesota for a little while at least.

-I need to get around to writing about ridiculous substitute teachers.

-I’m not looking forward to the snow and cold of the BEAST coast.  But, if you are looking forward to seeing me, let me know in the comment box below.  Lucky winners will be selected randomly.

What is the What

So, What is the What??


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