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Sep 13 2014

NBA JAM: The recent popularization and notarization of the NBA and its image (2006)

From 2006: This paper will analyze the National Basketball Association and its recent urgency to pay attention to its public image. It will examine the way the media, especially the print media, helps portray the NBA and its progression in recent years. There are many interesting aspects to sports media as far as professional men’s basketball is concerned, and it is important to look at the fine lines of the situation, using statistics, opinions from the professionals and the target audiences, and various case studies. I concluded that the NBA wants the public to know that the NBA knows about its public image. However, getting deeper, I found that the NBA is more concerned about the acknowledgement of its public image than actually doing something constructive about it.

Sep 11 2014

NFL 2014 Week 1 Observations (Ray Rice edition)

Taking a quick look back at the first week of the 2014 NFL season, after addressing the Ray Rice issue.