May 04 2014

The 2014 NFL Crapshoot: Reviewing “Draft Day”

With the 2014 NFL Draft this upcoming week, I had to watch the feature film Draft Day. I had to see it before the actual draft, but that meant missing the first chunk of Game 7s in the NBA Playoffs. I prefer not to miss playoff games, but I was okay with skipping out on the Atlanta Hawks and the Memphis Grizzlies. Their chances to win their first round series with the Indiana Pacers and Oklahoma City Thunder, respectively, was Game 6. Both teams blew it at home in Game 6, and I felt like the Pacers and Thunder, backs against the wall, would pity them no longer. Verily, verily.

It is my understanding that Draft Day isn’t doing very well in the box office. That’s too bad. I am glad that I saw it when I did, for it is the type of movie that will not age particularly well in my opinion. Actually, you can say it already aged. With that in mind, I decided to give this film a “draft review” post. This is a spoiler alert, but can we roll what these teams did?

  • Cleveland Browns draft LB Vontae Mack first overall, RB Ray Jennings seventh overall
  • Seattle Seahawks draft QB Bo Callahan sixth overall
  • Jacksonville Jaguars acquire three 2nd round picks from Browns

What?! If you ask me, the Jags look like they won this draft! I mean, they obviously didn’t want any part of the first round, so they went ahead and loaded up on premium picks in this draft and the next two!  Meanwhile, the Seahawks had the top pick in the draft, and basically gave up a special teamer to move down. For a QB who looks like a future flameout.

Blaine Gabbert as Bo Callahan? No wonder the Jags didn’t want to draft him! (Source: NFL)

Meanwhile, the much-maligned Cleveland Browns, with Barry Switzer reincarnated as their head coach, trade up to take an inside linebacker with the top overall pick! That’s really going with your gut, Kevin Costner. Now, I don’t believe in criticizing teams for “reaching” in the draft. Get a good player you like at a spot you think you can get him at. Never mind that the last middle linebacker to be the top pick in the NFL Draft was Tom Cousineau in 1979. 1 Never mind the fact that Mack is a keyboard warrior. Never mind the fact that Mack may have slipped into the middle of the first round – when’s the last time you heard of a potential top pick potentially going in the latter half of the draft?

Oh, right. This year. Sorry, Teddy Bridgewater. (Source: Timothy D. Easley/AP)

But not only do the Browns draft a middle linebacker first overall – they draft a running back with a top-ten pick as well! 2 The Browns went all sentimental, sticking with a pass-rushing inside linebacker, an injury-prone incumbent quarterback, and the talented son of a team legend. Great movie stuff.

And in future news, the Draft Day 2 sequel has been announced, as the Browns have fired everyone and are in need of a new QB.

And in future news, the Draft Day 2 sequel has been announced, as the Browns have fired everyone and are in need of a new QB.


Show 2 footnotes

  1. Cousineau never played for the Bills, bolting to the CFL instead and having a forgettable career.
  2. The irony of Arian Foster, who went undrafted, playing the role of a highly drafted runner is a major highlight of this film for me.

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