Nov 07 2010

Forgive me for Not Writing: Part II

What month is it?  November?  NaNoWriMo?

I’ve been trying to figure out what the hell I’ve been doing with this website for awhile now.  I need to start dropping “updates” … I need to post the “shots” I’ve been taking … I need to get into music and media more so I can have some “tracks” … you know, get involved with something so I can look like I have an uncanny connection to it.

Even when I know that’s not true.

I’ll say it like this, I’m not sure when I’ll want to release the NU.  I just know that nobody is ready for it right now.  Nobody, including myself.  I’m not ready for my own new product.  Why else would I wait so long and hold off so long.  It feels like a nice investment.  But with many things we buy for the sake of luxury, we do not always take them out the box.  Sometimes, they stay wrapped up like the 40-Year Old Virgin’s action figures.

There’s a lot on my mind, but my datebook has been neglected for too long.  I kind of hate writing, but I miss it.  I’m not sure why I miss it.  Let’s see how I feel after I dump out the vague topics that I chose not to touch for months (I’d apologize for randomness, but that would be confusing because I’d have to tell you to get used to it):


-Super, Rad, Stellar.  Three words that pretty much just mean high and unreachable.

-Hill Harper takeaway #1: FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real.

-Hill Harper takeaway #2: Paris Hiltonization of the World.  You’ve heard that it is better to be lucky than good, but that is stopping too many people from trying to be good.

-Kanye West knows what he’s doing.  Taylor Swift knows what she is doing.  Somehow, the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards lived entirely off of last year’s show.

-Jaywalking -> Jayrolling (Wheelchair.)

-Tornadoes in NYC?  Earthquakes in MD??  It’s NOT 2012 yet???

-You know about Plan A, and Plan B, and having emergency plans?  Forget all of that.  We should have plans for every situation possible.  Plan A and B, but also plan C (for contingency) and Plan F (for something more dire than contingency).  Also, Plan LOL, Plan OMG, and Plan WTF.  More on this as it develops.

-Raise your hand if you have spent a long time writing an e-mail for work referring to an attachment … then sending a follow-up e-mail explaining how you forgot the attachment.

-The Art of Persuasion: The Sun vs. the Wind.

-Katy Perry on Sesame Street … “Toddler Dream”.

-Physical persuasion in Jewelry District: I tried to walk through the district to get new studs.  You know how people will try and “move” you into their stores?   Usually I can powerwalk right through them.  This one woman didn’t let me though.  She literally grabbed my wrist and walked me into her jewelry shop.  Reverse the roles, and I’d be in trouble.  Nevertheless, I have new studs.

-Happy is my default setting.


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