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Aug 06 2014

Prime Time Transition

Sketch comedy is hard. Live television is challenging. Being a student at University of Southern California can be overwhelming. This story will focus on Matt Kiebler and his castmates in their development in a new sketch comedy show at USC, Comedy@SCA Live! The show is the first of its kind at USC’s Trojan Vision, a live sketch comedy show that is rarely attempted at this level, and it is the result of a heavily collaborative function between the production and writing divisions of the Cinema School combined with Trojan Vision and the School of Dramatic Arts.

Mar 25 2012

Million Hoodie March

I am a young black male that happens to wear a hoodie almost every day. This is where I’ll be after work.

Dec 31 2011

ESCAPE: 2011

Better days are coming. I’m taking the best into 2012. And I’ll be bringing The NU with me.

Sep 05 2011

Bill Cosby

I don’t want to get to political. I want to talk about Bill Cosby. Rather, I want to talk about what all of this homage means as far as what I’m doing with myself for 2011-2012. This very well may be my last year here in Los Angeles.

Sep 05 2011

RAW. F. L.

RAW baby, RAWFL, no pads no gear only motha f*****s and the ball, the s*** ain’t even gunna be in a field its gunna be on the streets of different low income neigborhoods. and all the teams have to be named and sponsored by rappers.

Jul 31 2011

(Atomic) Dog Days of Summer

I just feel like I have to fully capture what I had to do just to end up where I am at the end of July.

Jun 30 2011

Boom or Bust: LA … or Philly?

I already have one foot out the door. Can 1SKILLZ stay on the West Coast???

Mar 20 2011

Pirate Game Show Network

While I’ve elected to talk about just about anything on this site, relevant to your life or not, I’ve been noticeably shy about talking about my CYLA team at Stevenson. I don’t know why.

Feb 19 2011

NBA All-Star Break 2011 in Los Angeles

So as far as the NBA All-Star Break, I won’t talk about my week in (CY) LA. I’ll talk about the 30 NBA teams.

Jan 16 2011

Escape from Electric Factory/BEAST Coast/2010 (Scary Hours III)

This wouldn’t have been as big of an adjustment if I was planning on sleeping in on the last morning of 2010. By this time you know that I am approaching the third stanza of this article, so you know this would not be the case.

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