Dec 23 2010

Scary Hours

It’s 1am here…

I haven’t slept, eaten, packed, or printed my boarding pass yet.

I’m thinking abut pulling an all-nighter, I hope I have ink in the printer, I hope TSA doesn’t strip me, and I need to be ready for a 9:15am cross-country Southwest flight out of rain-drenched LA (it’s rained for SIX STRAIGHT DAYS) during holiday season.

So, I should get to LAX around 7:30am.  Meaning I need to get to Union Station at about 6:30am.  Meaning I should leave my place at about 5:30am.  Meaning, if I took a nap, I’d have to set the alarm for 5am.  That wouldn’t be a problem, except I don’t even know what to pack (besides a minimum of clothes).

More on this as it develops as 1SKILLZ Returns to BEAST Coast: December 23-30


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  1. Angela

    Great page…don’t let it distract you from the American Dream…the real Dream!

  1. Escape from Electric Factory/BEAST Coast/2010 (Scary Hours III) »

    […] another series (Scary Hours I, Scary Hours II) that I wanted to wrap up about two weeks […]

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