Sep 28 2017

Live at #TheDrew: 2017 Championship Behind the Scenes

The 2017 Drew League Championship, Hank Salvatori Division Champ Birdie’s Revenge (#1) vs. Marty Walzer Division Champ Hometown Favorites (#5), was played on Sunday, August 13, 2017.

The day before, Birdie’s Revenge defeated #2 Houdini’s Problems in the Division Final, while Hometown Favorites defeated #3 LAUNFD.

Hear from some of the figures who were part of Birdie’s Revenge’s 85-71 win to finish 16-0. Featured are:

– Tracey Mills, Birdie’s Revenge/2017 Coach of the Year
– Aaron Williams,
– Reggie Morris, Hometown Favorites coach
– A.J. Diggs, Hometown Favorites coach
– Aaron Poole, Official Drew League photographer
– Chaniel Smiley, Drew League commissioner
– George Preciado, Voice of the Drew League
– Drew Ruiz,
– Justin Van Duyne, official
– Chris Young, Hometown Favorites
– Tyrone Riley, 2017 Most Inspirational Player
– Wells Phillips, basketball marketer
– Trinity Elliott,
– Franklin Session, Birdie’s Revenge/2017 Most Valuable Player
– Marvin Bagley III, LAUNFD
– DeAnthony Melton, Hometown Favorites
– Marcus Bell, Birdie’s Revenge
– Jarion Henry, Birdie’s Revenge
– The Game, Birdie’s Revenge
– Roshun Wynne, Jr., Birdie’s Revenge
– Jarrell Tate, Birdie’s Revenge
– Markus Monroe, Birdie’s Revenge
– C.J. Johnson, Birdie’s Revenge
– JoJo Ballestero, Birdie’s Revenge
– Kevlin Swint, Birdie’s Revenge
– Jason Beresford, Official Drew League DJ
– Dino Smiley, Drew League CEO

Audio Credit: Koji Kondo, Jim Johnston, RZA, DJ Premier, Daz Dillinger, Easy Mo Bee, Swizz Beatz, Stretch, Dr. Dre, Mark Batson

Produced By: Law Murray

(Credit: Drew League)

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