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Mar 31 2015

Make or Break and 2015 NFL Team Needs

Filling franchise weaknesses with the recent draft picks who need to make a difference.

Oct 09 2014

According to Anyone, Every QB is (Still) Overrated

According to you, (almost) every QB is still overrated. That, plus your Thursday Night Football preview. To be added later: Week 5 Observations!

Nov 05 2013

The 2013 NFL Hypothesis Report: Revisited

It’s the NFL midseason, and so I get to fall back and reassess some positions taken in The 2013 NFL Hypothesis Report. For those wondering how I’m doing on game picks so far, I’m +23 after nine weeks.

Oct 09 2013

2013 NFL Week 5 Observations

October football has been established in the National Football League. I wound up with a record of 8-6 in the Week 5 Gameplan, missing on the Jets, Bengals, Colts, Chiefs, Eagles, and Saints. In other words, I thought the Patriots and Seahawks would stay undefeated, while I thought the Chiefs and Saints would be knocked …

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