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Feb 09 2012

Take Care: Winner of Insufferable Valentine’s Day Album of the Year!

Take Care has been out for some time, and I really like the album. I liked it so much that I have made fun of Drake on multiple occasions already. And though the track I released on Self-Titled Album gave the committee a reason to pause, we at The NU decided the winner of this year’s Insufferable Valentine’s Day Album of the Year award should go to Drake’s Take Care!

Feb 15 2011

Love Bomb

For years, I went into Valentine’s Day wanting to make something out of completely nothing. I’ve never been one of those types to like Valentine’s Day, but I wanted to so damn bad.

Feb 13 2011

VD is short for many things.

There was a chance that I would produce some comment about Valentine’s Day that I would regret. But then I remembered: I haven’t actually commented on Valentine’s Day in a long time.