Nov 26 2011

Self-Titled Album Track #11: This is Featuring Me

(For more on Self-Titled Album, check the first post.)

There’s more of these songs?!?!?!  We’ve had to sit here and be victim to ten of these tracks already; surely we’ll get blessed by a real artist eventually, right?  One that can come in and sing a hook?  Or some significantly more talented newcomer?  Even a has-been who is just going to introduce the next song will do.  This album has other people on it, yes?  …NO.

YouTube Preview Image

11. This Is Featuring Me

I originally said “I don’t know what this is about, but I’m in it apparently”. That sounds about right. If anything, this is my signature song. The sample is M. Bison’s theme from Street Fighter II Turbo.

To be clear: this is NOT featuring Drake.

This track is probably one of the best efforts on Self-Titled Album, and as a result, it has been performed live in front of unsuspecting audiences.  While we apologize for the unsuspecting audiences (and perplexing inability to perform the second verse live, ever), we do NOT apologize for the fact that there are no featured artists on Self-Titled Album!!!

Above: Unnecessary on Self-Titled Album.







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