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Aug 30 2012

Jonah: The Season Finale

I have a message, and now, like Jonah emerging from the whale after a hiatus, I believe I’m ready to do what I have been called to do.

Apr 06 2012

Good Friday: Fight On

USC Fall 2012, M.A. Journalism: Accepted!

Jan 15 2012

King Martin

The four main testimonies of Quakers are Equality, Integrity, Peace, and Simplicity – and there was not a better day to honor and celebrate those testimonies than Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Jul 11 2011

My Idealist’s Journey: FY11

This was my “personal reflection project” to end my time with City Year, the only organization I was with since college. Now that new moves will be made for 2011-2012, I figure I can drop this on the NU and share with you all.

Apr 30 2011

Spring Break: Destination Education

I told you that City Year’s Spring Break: Destination Education event was going to be a big deal.

Apr 09 2011

March MATHness > March Madness

If the NCAA Basketball Championship can be played in April despite “March Madness”, then I can recap the true creative “madness” that was my CY team’s efforts in March nine days into April.

Mar 20 2011

Pirate Game Show Network

While I’ve elected to talk about just about anything on this site, relevant to your life or not, I’ve been noticeably shy about talking about my CYLA team at Stevenson. I don’t know why.