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Dec 23 2012

MADDSKILLZ Update (Best of December)

– (December 08) If every kiss begins with Kay, does that mean every kiss ends in “Why?”

Aug 04 2012

MADDSKILLZ Update (Best of August)

-If you drink and drive, you may cost a life. But if you have a bike, and you dope and drive, you could win the Tour de France. (August 06)

Jul 31 2012

MADDSKILLZ Update (Best of July)

In last month’s update, I defined what a hustler is. As an update to that, a diva is NOT the female version of a hustler. Divas are divas. Prima donnas. Female OR male. It’s an attitude, not an occupation. Diva describes how one acts, not what someone does. I can’t believe Jay-Z let Beyoncé get away with that. (July 09)

Apr 06 2012

Good Friday: Fight On

USC Fall 2012, M.A. Journalism: Accepted!

Jan 15 2012

King Martin

The four main testimonies of Quakers are Equality, Integrity, Peace, and Simplicity – and there was not a better day to honor and celebrate those testimonies than Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Dec 31 2011

ESCAPE: 2011

Better days are coming. I’m taking the best into 2012. And I’ll be bringing The NU with me.

Dec 09 2011

Finals Week?

What I will be subjecting myself to this time tomorrow in Culver City, CA as I take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) for the second time.

Jul 20 2011

Funemployment time is ending… (Or, How I became a Starbucks Barista)

Funemployment at its finest.

Jul 11 2011

My Idealist’s Journey: FY11

This was my “personal reflection project” to end my time with City Year, the only organization I was with since college. Now that new moves will be made for 2011-2012, I figure I can drop this on the NU and share with you all.

Jun 20 2011

Summer Solstice

Summer’s upon us. The longest day of the year. The first day to the end of what made 2010-2011. The perfect time to get right. To learn what we’ve learned, and to plan the next immediate move.

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