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Nov 19 2013

MADDSKILLZ Update (Best of Season 5)

I know there is a restriction on how old one can be to run for President, but is there a restriction on how old one can be to become a genius?!?

Sep 05 2011

Bill Cosby

I don’t want to get to political. I want to talk about Bill Cosby. Rather, I want to talk about what all of this homage means as far as what I’m doing with myself for 2011-2012. This very well may be my last year here in Los Angeles.

Jun 30 2011

Boom or Bust: LA … or Philly?

I already have one foot out the door. Can 1SKILLZ stay on the West Coast???

Jan 16 2011

Escape from Electric Factory/BEAST Coast/2010 (Scary Hours III)

This wouldn’t have been as big of an adjustment if I was planning on sleeping in on the last morning of 2010. By this time you know that I am approaching the third stanza of this article, so you know this would not be the case.

Dec 25 2010

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Scary Hours II)

Merry Christmas from PHILADELPHIA! Seriously, it might be cold here, but who would have thought that I’d have to actually come to Philly to see sunshine after six straight days of waterfalls in LA??

Dec 21 2010

1SKILLZ Returns to BEAST Coast: December 23-30

I’m not looking forward to the snow and cold of the BEAST coast. But, if you are looking forward to seeing me, let me know in the comment box below. Lucky winners will be selected randomly.