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Nov 11 2011

Self-Titled Album Track #9: False Player Reputation (Skit)

We have already helped to diagnose many athletes and former players, from Tony Romo to Tiger Woods. And we’ll help you too fool!

Nov 05 2011

Self-Titled Album Track #8: Kicrox

A cracking track, it’s hard.

Oct 28 2011

Self-Titled Album Track #7: The Rhythm

Something African for you to fall to sleep on.

Oct 21 2011

Self-Titled Album Track #6: Freestyle 606

I come at myself better than anyone else can come at me basically.

Oct 15 2011

Self-Titled Album Track #5: Soul Chix

Soul Chix. Those “strong, independent” women that would beat the hell out of someone, but they use God as their restraining order. Soul Chix … they have just enough strength to get through the day and cuss somebody out. Soul Chix … keeping it real while being as fake as Beverly Hills. Soul Chix …

Oct 08 2011

Self-Titled Album Track #4: Title Track

…Any time you hear a song subtly refer to another song in the lyrics, know that it will never be taken to excess quite like it is here!

Oct 01 2011

Self Titled Album Track #3: Freestyle 805

It’s the end of September, so wake up. Allow “Freestyle 805” to be your alarm clock.

Sep 24 2011

Self-Titled Album Track #2: Love For My Haters!

An appreciation track.

Sep 18 2011

Self-Titled Album Track #1: Outro/Self-Titled Album

In order to listen to this album, you have to get “out” of your current state of mind and into mine, since it’s my album, not yours.

Aug 19 2011

By the Time I Get to Arizona…

Phoenix, Arizona. Because the moon isn’t available anymore.

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