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Nov 19 2013

MADDSKILLZ Update (Best of Season 4)

I stayed at a Holiday Inn the night before I moved into college, and I felt like a dumbass the next day.

May 16 2012

MADDSKILLZ Update (Best of May)

It’s Mother’s Day this month. I love my mom. She tells me little life anecdotes like “think outside the box”. The problem with that, however, is that some people think so far outside the box that they don’t even know where the box is.

Jan 31 2012

Red Tails is for Black People Without Role Models … According to This Guy

I’ll address my absence from the world (for the eighth time since 2010 apparently) another day.  And I don’t have the time or energy for now to go into this nonsense.  I don’t even know what to make of it for right now either. But apparently Rick Tyler, a Newt Gingrich minion, was on MSNBC …

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