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Aug 23 2014

1SKILLZ-FM (2008-2009)

Five years after the end of my radio show 1SKILLZ-FM, I have finally decided to release the entire playlist and outlines from the show’s run during 2008-2009 at WCAL. Included here is the introduction from the show’s synopsis packet.

Aug 21 2014

The United Eras of Hip-Hop (1984-2008)

This thesis project, from April 2009, is intended to bring general understanding of the history, culture, and music of hip-hop, a genre of music that is usually associated with urban Black America.

Nov 19 2013

MADDSKILLZ Update (Best of Season 6)

Good things come to those who wait. Better things come to those who just take it.

Aug 04 2012

MADDSKILLZ Update (Best of August)

-If you drink and drive, you may cost a life. But if you have a bike, and you dope and drive, you could win the Tour de France. (August 06)

Dec 09 2011

Finals Week?

What I will be subjecting myself to this time tomorrow in Culver City, CA as I take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) for the second time.