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Nov 19 2013

MADDSKILLZ Update (Best of Season 5)

I know there is a restriction on how old one can be to run for President, but is there a restriction on how old one can be to become a genius?!?

Jun 17 2012

MADDSKILLZ Update (Best of June)

-I figured that there is a happiness equation. It is (what you have) / (what you want). In plain English, happiness is everything that you have divided by everything you want. For it to work, you can want everything, but you can only count the things you have that are relative to what you want. The higher the fraction, the happier you are probably. However, if you don’t want anything, you can’t be happy. Remember, you can’t divide by zero. (June 09)

Apr 22 2012

The Last Earth Day … Part II

Earth Day is a stark reminder that we don’t have many days left. 100+ days have passed in 2012 so far, but we still have 250+ more to go. Plans must be developed. Times are desperate.

Apr 22 2011

The Last Earth Day

The sun sets on another Earth Day, this time on Good Friday, and we are left to wonder if there will be another Earth Day.