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Dec 01 2016

NFL 2016 Week 13 Gameplan

December is here. Time for Cowboys to drop a game or two?

Dec 24 2015

NFL 2015 Week 16 Gameplan

Winter is here, and the end of the regular season is in sight. Week 16 features the final games outside of divisional matchups this regular season.

Dec 18 2015

NFL 2015 Week 15 Gameplan

Some teams are playing their final home games of the regular season in Week 15, the last spate of games in autumn.

Dec 11 2015

NFL 2015 Week 14 Gameplan

The final quarter of the NFL season is underway – and if it’s anything like the 4th quarters of these games so far this season, it’s going to be a photo finish.

Nov 14 2015

NFL 2015 Week 10 Gameplan

Three undefeated teams remain going into the middle of November.

Nov 06 2015

NFL 2015 Week 9 Gameplan

Heads are starting to roll in the NFL as midseason approaches.

Oct 29 2015

NFL 2015 Week 8 Gameplan

The Broncos and Packers get their Super Bowl XXXII rematch on with both teams undefeated, while the return of Dez Bryant sets up a key NFC matchup. Plus, the sorry state of pass defense in the NFL.

Dec 19 2014

NFL Week 16 Gameplan

14 games involve teams still alive for the postseason, while the Seattle Seahawks try and become the first team to win in Arizona this season.

Dec 14 2014

NFL Week 15 Gameplan

Your Week 15 primer, featuring several division rematches, including another Sunday night game with Dallas’ playoff hopes on the line against Philadelphia.

Oct 11 2014

NFL 2014 Week 6 Gameplan

I went quite deep into this week’s observations by explaining how “overrated” is one of the worst terms in sports, so I’ll be keeping this version of the Gameplan as short as possible. But every team has played at least four games now, and every team has shown at least one thing so far this …

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