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Jan 22 2012

MADDSKILLZ Update (Best of January)

I’d rather feel good than look good, and I’d rather be cool than look cool.

Aug 19 2011

By the Time I Get to Arizona…

Phoenix, Arizona. Because the moon isn’t available anymore.

Jul 31 2011

(Atomic) Dog Days of Summer

I just feel like I have to fully capture what I had to do just to end up where I am at the end of July.

Jul 20 2011

Funemployment time is ending… (Or, How I became a Starbucks Barista)

Funemployment at its finest.

Jul 11 2011

My Idealist’s Journey: FY11

This was my “personal reflection project” to end my time with City Year, the only organization I was with since college. Now that new moves will be made for 2011-2012, I figure I can drop this on the NU and share with you all.

May 22 2011

Surviving the Rapture

Well, Saturday came and went across all of the time zones. The world, for the most part, is still intact and nobody has been airlifted to heaven in mass quantities.

Apr 23 2011

Holy Week Update

It has been a great week outside of schools for Spring Break/the Holy Week/Earth Day, and although I have given you plenty of material this month, I understand that the best thing I can give some people this week is an update on life.

Apr 02 2011

April You’s a Fool Day (and other lamb chops)

Going back east next week for the birth of my daughters. Nervous/excited/everything. Would love to see people there so hit me up

Mar 31 2011

Basketball Drugs

The fact that basketball has served as my main escape from conventionality has been a consistent theme of mine for awhile now.

Mar 12 2011

(Obligatory Charlie Sheen Article)

If I was Catholic, I would be giving up Charlie Sheen for Lent.

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